Wrinkles Treatment with Dermaroller

Wrinkles Treatment with Dermaroller

The first signs of aging skin are in general the formation of fine lines, especially around the eyes and upper lip. The scale layers of the epidermis become thinner and harder and its previous transparency starts to fade. The dermis is losing its elasticity by degrading elastin- and hardening collagen fibers. The cells of the sub dermal tissue start to shrink. And in addition the skin faces a dramatic moisture loss. All these factors form the degrading process of our skin.

Wrinkles Near the Eye

Wrinkles treatment with the original Dermaroller

What can be done to stop this degradation? The answer is cell regeneration! This can be achieved with the Collagen-Induction-Therapy (CIT). The CIT is a simple procedure by microneedling the skin with the medical Dermaroller. It is absolutely effective and stimulates new collagen cells that boost your skin by remodeling the structure of demis and epidermis.

Wrinkles Near Upper Lip

Upper Lip wrinkles treatment with the Dermaroller

According to the individual skin condition, 1 to 3 procedures, separated by 6 to 8 weeks, are sufficient to resurface the skin. As aging continues, we recommend one refresher-CIT every year. Between the CITs and after the last one, you can support the results of the CIT by using the Home Care Dermaroller in combination with high-end peptide serums.

Advice: As sunrays trigger free radicals – the worst enemies of your skin cells – avoid direct sun exposure – use the SunScreen SPF30!!!