Dermaroller Treatment for Burn Scars

Dermaroller Treatment for Burn Scars

Burn Scars are often the most challenging scars to cure. Matter of fact up to now meds had very little to choose from. When the patient seemed to be stable and the last skin grafts were implanted the procedures offered targeted more to ease and comfort the sufferers with custom-made compressing dressing up, silicone bandages, pain killers and additional medicines to combat depressive disorders, very understandable impulse following serious disfigurement. Pain is a long term, frequently a lifetime companion, particularly at the junction in between healthy skin and burn marks. Since these scarrings mature and grow older, the fibrotic tissues shrink, get harder and restrict the mobility of fingers, arms, legs and neck ever more.

Collectively along with cosmetic surgeons Dermaroller (Germany) pondered if medical needling might be a feasible remedy. Treatment centers in India and a physician in Germany cautiously began to look into the possibilities to improve burn marks by clinical needling. Burn marks usually combine all types of scarring such as hypo, hypertrophic as well as keloid scars in pairing with hyper pigmentation simultaneously. Burn scarring is often thicker and usually is extremely hard, particularly when it ages. To encounter the problem for burn scar betterment Dermaroller (Germany) created a new Dermaroller design to treat these astounding physical and bodily factors. Dermaroller (Germany) looked into time and initiatives to get a distinct metal with unique characteristics, and created new tooling products for a tougher, nevertheless versatile, non-traumatic needle tip. They succeeded by creating the design MC925, a unique Dermaroller only for burn scars.

Now this unique technology is available in India for Indian consumers to take advantage of this advancement in research and reap the benefits both for Indian patients and doctors as well.

Burn Scars Treatment With The Dermaroller

Apart from smaller or minor burn scars bigger scar areas must be treated in absolute sterile clinical conditions, usually in “burn centers”. Since topical numbing creams, even the strongest ones, do not penetrate such a scar tissue sufficiently, the medical needling must be done under general anesthetic – at least in most cases. It is highly recomended to go to a treatment clinic for this kind of treatment as this treatment requires experts who are trained in the use of this product.

Treatment Duration and Intervals

Since burn scars are subject to a very long transformation period, both the patients and the physician need a long abundance of patients – often up to one (1) year to see the final result. (The time factor applies as well as for normal scar treatment or skin rejuvenation, although here the intervals vary between 8 to 12 weeks).

Facial Burn Scar Treatment with dermaroller - before and after treatment pictures

Above you see a typical case of a lasting erythema after a third-degree burn. It is caused by heat impact that had damaged the vessels contractibility. Medical needling stimulates the proliferation of new vessels with a normal elasticity. The right picture shows the results seven (7) months after one (1) medical needling.

Calf Burn Scars before and after dermaroller treatment

A severe burn scar on a calf. Note the marbled hyper pigmentation on the left picture. The right picture shows the result of one (1) treatment 8 months later.