Dermaroller Testimonials of Doctors and Patients in India

Dermaroller-Indian user Testimonials

Dr Bhattacherya
(Leading dermatologist in Kolkata, India)

Dermaroller can be used for various applications. I have treated people who have wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation problems, scars, stretch marks, and anti-aging. Many patients do not want the pain and prolonged down time of laser resurfacing. The Dermaroller is the perfect solution for this. It is fast, safe and very effective treatment.

Dr Rajendran
(Leading dermatologist in Bangalore, India)

Dermaroller is a great treatment for acne scars and facial rejuvenation which is cheaper with less downtime compare to laser treatments. After three treatments at 6-8 weeks interval I see great results with acne scarring.

Dr Jayashree Sharad
(Leading dermatologist in Mumbai, India)

I think that the dermaroller treatment is a superb treatment for anti-ageing giving an improved texture to the skin and a more even skin tone.  It helps to lift and tighten and soften fine lines with a minimum downtime, the benefits are felt almost immediately and continue over time.

Ms Rama
(Dermaroller user)

I have twins, after delivery my abdomen became very sagged and I got very bad stretch marks. My Doctor suggest me for dermaroller treatment, but my kids are too little to leave them. Then I searched in internet and I purchased 1.0 MM original dermaroller and started treatment at home. Now after 6 months I thanks to dermaroller for giving me my beauty back.

Ms Pallavi
(Dermaroller user)

I was having acne in my pubertic age. Now after treatment my acne is cured but they left scars all over my cheeks. I was depressed due to that. I could not go out without make up, still make up was not enough to hide it. Then one of my friend suggested me about dermaroller. I visited my doctor she suggested me to use 1.5 MM size  dermaroller. I have completed my 4 sessions and I am so happy. i got very good result.

Mr Sandesh
(Dermaroller user)

My baldness was started at the age of 22 only. I visited my doctor, he used dermaroller with some medicine and I am happy after 6 treatment with the result. Really dermaroller can do wonders.