Stretch Marks Treatment With Dermaroller

Stretch Marks and their treatment with the original dermaroller

MICRONEEDLING WITH THE DERMAROLLER ON STRIAE Only the Original, Genuine Dermaroller® does it!

Stretch marks or striae are caused by skin stretching during rapid growth in puberty and pregnancy. About 80% of all pregnant women are experiencing striae. This over stretching results in skin ruptures that finally transform into scars. New stretch marks appear like reddish to purple irregular lines and gradually fade to white or silverish color, and they are permanent. By touching they appear softer than the surrounding tissue. Glucocorticoid hormones are responsible for striae. They prevent the transformation of fibroblasts into collagen- and elastin fibers.Although striae do not compromise the body’s function, in many cases striae can be an aesthetic disfigurement and may often lead into psychological depressions.So far the cure of stretch marks has been “very difficult”, and the improvement with creams or laser is very limited.Based on the fact that the Dermaroller’s Microneedling stimulates cell regeneration and proliferation of fibroblasts in a dramatic amount, several physicians started in 2007 to use the Dermaroller to treat stretch marks. The results were dramatic and in average an improvement of 70% can be expected.

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The treatment is simple. After application of a numbing cream on the affected skin, the pain free procedure lasts about 20 minutes. There is no post-op pain and ZERO down time.This is more evidence that the Collagen-Induction-Therapy is the best choice to improve your skin. Unlike any ablative method (dermabrasion, Co2 laser, etc.) there is no risk of pigment loss, especially on darker skin.